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Contribute words, ideas etc.

At present, this site mainly contains a few things that I have come up with. My hope is that others will be encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.

The easiest way to get involved is via the forum - there is already a 'community' emerging amongst the discussions there, hopefully it will continue to grow.

My aim for this is that it should be 'bottom-up', so if you there is anything you think should be on this site, please let me know. My viewpoint alone is not all that useful, and this site can only get better with a range of contributors.

You will of course be given full credit for any words you contribute, and I will list contributors on this page (unless you wish to remain anonymous). Copyright will remain with you as original author under the Creative Commons Licence, unless you would prefer otherwise.

Email stuff to me at ben [at] psyclick [dot] org [dot] uk


Thanks and acknowledgements go to the following who have contributed words, ideas or links for this site (in no particular order): Peter Bance, Jane Sharpe, Caroline Haigh, Sarah Gasson, Kevin Chan, Yvonne Waft, Debbie Cottrell, Elisa Gatiss, Amy Winterson, Kathrin Buhr, Kate Humphreys, Aileen Burnett, Russel Ayling, Jo Nicholson, Sam Riches, Michael Safranek and Emma Carter.

If you think your name should be here and I have forgotten to add it then sorry! and please get in touch.

Contribute money (for free!)

You can contribute a bit of money towards the upkeep and expansion of this site, at no extra cost to yourself, by simply buying something from Amazon UK. This page explains all.