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Creative Commons Licence

psyclick.org.uk is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence, unless otherwise stated.

You are welcome to use content from psyclick.org.uk on other websites, handouts etc., with the following conditions:

This may all seem very pedantic and legalistic, but my aim is simply to encourage the spread of the information on this site. I would like credit for the bits I've done, but I feel that charging for it could limit the sharing of information and ideas. That's why this license asks that you follow the same principles.

This 'copyleft' philosophy is partly a reaction against copyright and problems of 'intellectual property rights' (IPR). Copyleft is growing in popularity around the internet (and beyond), and 'ready-made' licences are freely available to help people share their work. Creative Commons have produced a set of such licences, which I have used for psyclick.org.uk

If you would like more information on what this means, please get in touch.