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PGP / GnuPG key

What is all this PGP nonsense about?

PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. Basically, it's a means of sending email securely, so no-one can read it other than the person you want to read it. It also helps prove who really sent an email, and you can use it to keep files private on your hard disk. The software that lets you do this is free and is available from pgp.com or pgpi.org. Commercial versions are available from pgp.com

Why would I want to use PGP?

This page, written by the creator of PGP, gives you some ideas.

Where can I get your public key?

Click here for my DH/DSS key. Once you have imported it, check this key's details, which should be...

       Fingerprint: 461A FCC5 9161 ECA8 E129  177B D8E0 8A09 8F15 3BE6
       Key ID: 0x8F153BE6    Key Size: 3072/1024     Created: 7/8/2002

I have signed this key with my personal key (0x30788FEF), available from my personal website.